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Welcome to Warmonger GameDay/Hammer 40k. Here you will find Warmonger GameDaynew product line. This product line will include Resin Bases for the most common size miniatures and custom terrain as well for most wargames. As you may already know there are a lot of other companies out there that sell resin bases and terrain. So you have to be asking what sets Warmonger apart from the other sellers. I'll tell you what...playabilty! That's right, most resin bases from otther sites and conpanys make there bases were most normal figures will not stand on them. Warmonger resin bases will look good on the table and will be easy to fit onto your miniture as well. Warmonger will strive to create the best possable resin bases that we can given theme we use. Not only will we be selling bases but ever now and then we will also be selling painted miniatures and tanks from all sorts of gaming lines. These miniatures will be here and there since the painters here at hammer 40k don't have all the time they would like to paint. But, keep an eye out…you may see something you like…and they will be on a first come first server basis. Keep an eye out for changes and you can follow us at

Take Care!


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